Planting During CMCO – 4 Reasons To Start Today.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be planting during CMCO.

Do you know why you should be planting during CMCO? If you didn’t, we hope you will after this short read! 

1. Reduces stress substantially. 

Are you feeling stressed at work? Studies suggest that plants (and nature) can largely impact how we feel. Whether it’s in workplaces, hospitals, living spaces or schools, plants can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rates, while increasing productivity, creativity and overall well-being. 

2. Cleans the air by absorbing pollutants. 

Through phytoremediation, a plant is able to remove these harmful compounds from the air by absorbing these gases through their leaves and roots. In fact, studies suggest that indoor plants can scrub the air of cancer-causing volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene. Could you call them an indirect cure to cancer? Who knows! 

3. Helps us breath easy by creating oxygen. 

For those who don’t know, plants carry out a process known as photosynthesis. They take in carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen, which is released into the air for us to breath in. This makes planting during CMCO a really productive and fruitful activity to engage in! 

4. Improves mental health.

Gardening and caring for a plant releases feel-good chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine. Working with soil makes us happier. It is suggested that our connection to nature, can alleviate symptoms of depression. Taking care of a plant might sound like a mundane or even tedious job to get yourself into. But, research has proven time and again that indoor plants do contribute to household uplifting. Especially during a lockdown like this with glooming stories flooding the news, it’s easy to be surrounded by negativity these days. Make sure you make planting during CMCO a routine that you can preserve through the years to come! 

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