3 Plants That Grow Surprisingly Well in Malaysia


3 Malaysian Plants That Can Survive This Cruel Weather.


Malaysia, O’ Malaysia. 

The dear country is known for having far too many cuisines, but far too little seasons. 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living in a country with just 1 season all year long? Because we’re so near to the equator, it’s virtually impossible to escape the humid and damp weather we experience year-long round. There go our hopes and dreams of taking care of rare, exotic plants and hoping they would thrive in a country with intense weather like ours. 

So that brings me to the next burning question: What kind of plants should Malaysian’s consider planting in hot and humid Malaysian weather? 

Here are 3 Malaysia plants that fare surprisingly well in this tropical country. If you’re looking for green companions around the house, these plants are a must! 


Malaysia Plant #1: Sansevieria 


Perhaps more famously known as the ‘Snake Plant’ or ‘The Mother-In-Law Tongue’, this beauty comes in different patterns and colours. The most unique feature of a Snake Plant is its ability to survive, or thrive in any surrounding environment as long as there is the presence of light nearby. 


While the Sansevieria would prefer the warm 31°C on any sunny Afternoon in Malaysia, it can still grow at a slower rate in low lighting. If you’re just starting out with planting, this is a surefire way to succeed as a planter. It’s incredibly versatile, and the Sansevieria can be found all over the typical household. Whether it’s near your balcony, in the toilet or living room, this Mother-In-Law Tongue is never too far away! 



For some care tips: Consider watering the soil only when it’s scorched. This could mean setting aside the plant for 2 to 3 days, and then watering it only after the earth looks barren (or you just remembered). The reason being is these plants have the tendency to rot when overwatered. If this happens, consider re-potting the plant and replacing its soil. Contrary to popular opinion, consider low maintenance as the optimal condition for Sansevieria to grow.


Malaysia Plant #2: Monstera


Ah, yes. The Monstera plant. Over the years, it picked up the alternative nickname: The Swiss Cheese Plant because of the holes and splits within the leaf that makes it extremely distinctive and recognisable. Perhaps you may have seen this plant in fancy dessert cafes or restaurants. Still, the two most common forms of the Monstera genus would be the Monstera Adansonii and Monstera Deliciosa. 


So why is this plant so widely adored by cafe owners and garden enthusiasts across Malaysia? Well, partly because it’s a plant that provides a sense of aesthetics to any image. It uplifts the entire mood of the environment through its sleek shaped leaves that represents its youthful exuberance. The other reason I believe is this plant is another low maintenance plant capable of living in an environment like the one we have here in Malaysia. 


Plants of the Monstera genus should only be watered when the top few inches of soil is completely barren, like a cracked land suffering from drought. If you’re unsure just how dry the earth is, you can opt to stick your finger into the soil to check for moisture. Similar to the wisdom above, too little watering is always safer than too much water!


Our Swiss Cheese plant enjoys a healthy combination of bright, indirect sunlight, and shade rotated around regularly. However, do avoid placing it near air-conditioning systems. This is because the Monstera plant thrives in humidity, and plants near the air conditioner might experience a region of dry air, hindering the efficient growth of plants. However, if your plant is in a room with an aircon on all day, you can occasionally use a misting spray to spritz its leaves with water.


Malaysia Plant #3: Dieffenbachia


Or Dumb Canes. But, don’t cast your judgements too soon because you might just be wrong. While this might come as a surprise, Dieffenbachia is actually a bright plant.


As in to say, it is a large plant that has bright green leaves with white or cream splotches. It is known for its distinctive white-coloured splotches. While most potted plants are merely surviving in the unforgiving climate in our country, these greens thrive on adversity. There are numerous varieties of the Dieffenbachia plant that can grow quite big, so be sure to have enough space for them!


The optimal caring condition for Dumb Canes would be to provide it bright, indirect sunlight. Either it’s through a sheer curtain or a tinted window pane to avoid leaf burn.


Like the Sansevieria and Monstera plant, it likes moist but not soggy soil. So, consider watering the pot when the top inch of soil feels dry. Apart from that, place your Dieffenbachia plant as far away from air conditioners as possible. Dry air interferes with Photosynthesis, which would be counter-productive to the growth of your green companions.


Anyway, that’s all for today’s blog post on 3 Malaysia Plants that fare well in this weather. 

Whether you’re an aspiring gardener or a passionate nursery owner, these fundamental tips will be an essential reminder for two things: 


1) Less watering will always be better than over-watering for most plants. 

2) Plants thrive on humidity, not without moisture. Placing these plants in regions of dry air can be counter-productive to their growth. 


With that said, this is all for today! Hope you learned something new about the 3 Malaysia Plants that can grow well in this weather, and stay tuned for the next blog post! Do consider contacting us if you might be keen on scheduling any one of our six premium services today, thank you!